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AI and cutting edge tech can make football great again !


Football needs to invest in R&D and content quality instead of tryin to sell more units of it’s standard product

We can see that FIFA, UEFA, clubs and associations do everything they can to stop football from declining. They have tough competitors as Today’s teens might prefer social media, streaming services and video games instead of watching 2x…

Here is first part of the guide on implementing ML and AI solutions into manufacturing company. Following guide can be applied to all types of factories and products, which generate structured data preferable stored in the databases. It will work best for high volume products that get tested and have…

Generate etymology cluster on world map for any word in any language. Needs google cloud translation account — free £300 on first calls

To start using Cloud Translation, you need a project that has the Cloud Translation API enabled and credentials to make authenticated calls. …

Seb S

AI/ data science engineer

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